Emotional Waves of Love

“We are going home, right??… or should I turn elsewhere?”

“Yes, you are going home in the other car, I have some work.”

“No ways bhai, I am not allowed to leave you alone today of all days…Mom will kill me!”

“If you don’t do as I say, you will prefer mom’s wrath to mine!!”

Nishant urgently needed to get some peace and quiet, which was impossible to ask in all the festivities surrounding him, more so with him being the center of attention. His younger brother Sahil was a gem of a person with a big heart. But, lately he was acting like an inseparable tail of a dog. Dog being himself. He loved Sahil, however it was all starting to get the better of him, besides he needed some time to ease out. He started the car, and drove it towards the one place where his mind and heart both become one with peace.

He was sitting on the walkway by the lakeside, concentrating on the waves as they moved. Looking at the water waves always calmed his senses. Today he was very much in need of its calming presence. Gradually scenes from the early morning of that day started appearing before him in flash back. He had gone to Sneha’s home to surprise her, and as his luck would have it he was surprised instead. As he was about to enter her room, he overheard some voices from her room. Assuming it must be her relatives talking about wedding festivities and formalities, he decided to wait outside and give them some privacy. Halfway lost in his own excited thoughts of his day ahead…he heard…

“I am really sorry…I didn’t realise what I had until I lost it. Please forgive me and my ignorance… It is so hard to see you with someone else who is not me.” It was Sneha’s friend Sachin’s voice. Nishant wondered what he was doing there in his fiancee’s room at 5 AM.

“What are you talking about??….why now of all times?” he overheard Sneha’s uncertain voice.

“You know very well what I mean. I have always loved you….I still love you and though I wish all the happiness in the world for you….it breaks my heart to pass you over to another now.”

“Have you lost your sanity?? You are telling me all this on my wedding day? Have you forgotten I am marrying tonight?”

“I cannot forget that, that’s what made me come up with enough nerve to say it…there is still time, I can see your feelings for me in your eyes.”

“You have no idea of what I feel, besides our time is in the past…it’s too late to switch gears now.”

“Please don’t do this….I love you and I know u love me…don’t do this, don’t marry him”

“I wish you took this stand when I needed it, now it’s too late….please leave I need to get ready.” Sneha told him off with a heavy and breaking voice.

Overhearing all this Nishant could not believe his ears. Nishant had met Sneha through mutual friends and they had instantly connected on a deeper level. He never asked her about her past though she had told him there was some history he should know. However he had told her, he didn’t care. He had no idea that history ran so deep that it was capable of bringing tears in her eyes and make her voice weak with emotion while she spoke of her past. Nishant had always thought Sneha was very different from all the girls he had met in the past, she somehow completed his world. He felt at so much peace with her, he knew that he loved her from the bottom of his heart. Until recently he believed she felt the same about him. So now they were marrying each other, as he believed until yesterday it was the best decision he ever took. However remembering this morning’s events he doubted if it was the best decision for her as well.

Suddenly realising that perhaps he was never the love of her life to begin with. Perhaps he was just replacement for what she could never have. His whole universe was falling apart into bits and pieces on realising this. He couldn’t focus on anything but the waves of the water. Even that vision was getting blurred. He loved her a lot, she was her world now, all his dreams and plans with her were falling apart. He realised his blurred vision was due to his moist eyes, he was in tears and he couldn’t stop despite trying to. He sat there for what seemed like hours to him, silently letting out his fears and sadness out through tears.

Then he looked up at the water again, remembering how it always calmed him down just like Sneha did. She was the calming waters his life needed. Although he realised she was only marrying him as she thought she had no other choice. He couldn’t let her suffer like that for her happiness mattered the most to him. Despite his own crashing world, a silent decision made, he got up and made way to his car. He made his way back to her home. He made his way through the back door so as to avoid all the relatives or her parents. He went up to her room, and was relived to find her inside.

“Hey, what are you doing here….aren’t you supposed to be at your own wedding rituals?”

“I….I don’t want you to go ahead with this wedding.” He told her with a heavy heart and breaking voice.

“What? Are you dumping me on our wedding day?” She sounded shocked

“No, I know you still love Sachin…I …I cannot let you do this to yourself. Besides I can’t live with someone who never wanted me.”

“Where is this coming from??” She could not believe her eyes or her ears, getting angrier by the second.

“I overheard you two this morning.”

“Oh…well…” She took a few moments to understand what has gone wrong. Her emotional barriers at the breaking point.

He saw her tearing up again….he hated himself in that moment to be the cause of her tears the second time today.

“It is alright…I don’t blame you. I understand.”

She looked up at him with moist eyes full of love and something else….he saw a glimmer of anger somewhere in those tears, he had no idea why she would be angry so ignored it.

“All you guys found only this day to become the beacon of all female understanding, isn’t it??”

“What do you mean?”

“I will not have you cancelling my wedding for which I have prepared for months just because you believe I still love that idiot Sachin!!”

Absolutely dumbfounded…he asked, “Don’t you? I heard your heavy voice while you rejected his pleas. I felt your heavy heart.”

“No, I love you and only you…He is a part of my past and perhaps I will always have a soft corner for him, but it’s not love…nowhere close to what I feel for you.”

“But, I overheard how you wished he took a stand back then?? What was that?”

“Yeah, I wished it back then, not anymore for I already have someone who took that stand for me at the right time and I am very excited to share my future with him…and that someone is you.”

Dumbfounded yet again, he couldn’t believe his ears….”Are you sure about it?…there is still time.”

“Yes I am absolutely sure…I am not certain about the future, but I am certain that with you in it will be pleasant and worth exploring together. I love you…never doubt that!”

In that moment, Nishant was on cloud 9, he hugged her tight and close to him, deciding never to let her part away from him. He was crying but this time the waves of tears were out of happiness.

Just like that they resolved their misunderstanding, and got married that night. They have never regretted the choice they made that morning.


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