Light at end of Dark Tunnel

“So, how was the movie?”

“It was nice…not a bad movie.”

“Are you for real??…you have been going on and on about watching this movie since months…and now this plain reaction?”… “Is all well with you?”

“Yeah I am fine… don’t worry.”

That was all Richa could come up with in response to her roommate’s questions. She had just returned home after spending 4 to 5 hours with her friends, they had gone for a much awaited movie, then dinner. She spent jolly good time with them. But, now that she was back at home her bubble of happy fun was bursting. She was back in her sad world of misery, self-doubts, frustration and bottled up anger.

Her roommate had been absolutely right about Richa counting days before the release of this movie for she was a true fan of the whole series. So, she went with her friends saw the movie and enjoyed, but at the end of the day it was just that a movie, and like all good things it came to an end, and it didn’t change any of the lows in her life either. Once the movie was over and Richa made her way back home, all her troubles came crashing back to her consciousness.

It was when she was at home, that all the harsh realities of her life came crashing down. She was in no way happy with the way her life was going ahead. She did not want to live in this city, work in her current company, or even do her current job. She had been in a relationship for the last ten months, and she wasn’t even happy with that relationship. Something or the other was amiss in it. Perhaps it was the long distance part or the lack of comfort part. The only reason it had worked so far was she felt at utter peace in Suyash’s company.

Her whole world started crashing few months ago, when she had a fight with her brother over her choices. Earlier whenever she was this low, or she had any kind of mood swing, it was always just a call to her brother which would make each problem look mundane and the dark veil over her beautiful world would fall off. But, ever since that day, she couldn’t bring herself to talk her heart out to anyone let alone her brother or even her boyfriend. She felt so difficult to breathe, her heart would start racing, she would feel extreme cases of anger, frustration and sadness at random. The whole episode was repeating itself this night as well. Already exhausted from the whole day, she was in no mood for a panic attack so she made her way to bed.

She went to the washroom to get ready for bed. She was washing her face and she realised her cheeks were wet from two sources of water, other one being her eyes. Utterly confused but couldn’t stop herself from crying. She kept washing with water but the tears just wouldn’t stop. Finally cursing her life, she made way to the bed without bothering to turn on the lights. As she got in her bed, she felt something close by her, she felt around and realised she was not alone in her bed. She panicked, all her emotions took a backseat, she shrieked at the top of her voice.

“Who is it…..???” She found a pillow and started hitting with it in all possible directions, fumbling to find the light switch at the same time.

“Who the hell are you? What are you doing in my bed?”

“Baby, wait…it is me.”

She was baffled on hearing this familiar voice. She turned on the lights. She couldn’t believe her own eyes or her ears for that matter. She touched him to see if it was real and not just a figment of her imagination.

“Is it really you??”

“Yes it is me, would you put down that pillow now.”

She felt so much relief. She threw away the pillow and hugged Suyash tightly. Before she knew it she was crying profusely on his shoulder. Now it was his turn to be baffled.

“Hey, what is wrong, why are you crying? I thought you would be happy to see me.”

“I am very happy to see you here. I was not feeling good about anything….But, how and when did you get here….aren’t you supposed to be on that trip to Goa with your friends??”

“Yes I was, but when we talked over the call last time, I felt something was amiss with you. Goa trip was not more important than you. So, I took a flight and here I am.” That familiar cocky smile was there on his face, which brightened her up each time she saw it.

She hadn’t realised how much she missed him, and just then she realised most her frustrations were aggravated due to her missing him. She felt a slight weight lifted off her shoulder. She found herself talking to him about each of the issues, her voice mixed with sound of crying. Gradually she found herself relax and felt like she could figure out a way around each problem. He was patiently listening to her, without interrupting her knowing how much she needed this. She realised how exhausted she was from the whole day, but sleep was the last thing on her mind. She wanted to talk to him.

“I feel so happy and tired at the same time.”

“Sleep, we have all day tomorrow to talk and fix problems.”

“Nooo…..IIII…..dont want to sleeepppp…”

And just like that she slept on his arms like a baby feeling at peace after so long.

Sometimes a loved one is all we need to see that small but bright ray of light at the end of the tunnel!!


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