Emotional Waves of Love

“We are going home, right??… or should I turn elsewhere?”

“Yes, you are going home in the other car, I have some work.”

“No ways bhai, I am not allowed to leave you alone today of all days…Mom will kill me!”

“If you don’t do as I say, you will prefer mom’s wrath to mine!!”

Nishant urgently needed to get some peace and quiet, which was impossible to ask in all the festivities surrounding him, more so with him being the center of attention. His younger brother Sahil was a gem of a person with a big heart. But, lately he was acting like an inseparable tail of a dog. Dog being himself. He loved Sahil, however it was all starting to get the better of him, besides he needed some time to ease out. Keep on reading!!


Light at end of Dark Tunnel

“So, how was the movie?”

“It was nice…not a bad movie.”

“Are you for real??…you have been going on and on about watching this movie since months…and now this plain reaction?”… “Is all well with you?”

“Yeah I am fine… don’t worry.”

That was all Richa could come up with in response to her roommate’s questions. She had just returned home after spending 4 to 5 hours with her friends, they had gone for a much awaited movie, then dinner. She spent jolly good time with them. But, now that she was back at home her bubble of happy fun was bursting. She was back in her sad world of misery, self-doubts, frustration and bottled up anger.

Keep on reading!!