Justice League of friends

“Be careful sweetie; don’t go too close to the railing.”

“Okay, Papa.”

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I am afraid the teacher will scold me in school tomorrow, my homework is not complete.”

Taking her in his arms, hugging her close, he assured her, “Don’t worry sweetie, I will help you finish it.”

Between tears, she replied, “But, she will still scold me, she favours other students over me.”

He assured her again, “Don’t worry, I will have a word with her, so this doesn’t happen again.”

Tanya was sitting by the railing of the hill top, lost in memories of 6 year old Tanya with her Superman.

She was a big superhero fan since she was a kid, but her superman was her father. She had come there with her friends who were all enjoying among themselves. Soon she found herself secluded from the group and sat down at a little distance. Looking at the starry dark night, soon she floated into her childhood memories.

She remembered how easily her superman used to solve all her problems, whether it was incomplete homework, defending her before mom, or looking after her in any way. Life was a perfect bliss for her, as nothing was ever a problem which her superman couldn’t have solved. But, alas life was hard, Tanya had grown up into a beautiful young woman, and she no longer had her Superman to fight her battles for her. Her father had passed away when she was just 13 years old.

She felt her cheeks being wet and realised she was crying as she missed her superman. She needed him now more than ever as she faced a multitude of problems. She seemed to be drowning under their weight, with each passing day their weight became heavier and heavier. She felt more and more tears falling down her face, but she could do nothing to stop them as the thoughts in her mind were too overbearing to ignore. She felt the weight of the world upon her shoulders, as she began counting everything she was failing at. Her world was crashing and she had no way of saving it.

Suddenly she felt couple of hands on her shoulders, someone was hugging her. It was her friend Samar

“Hey Tanya, are you alright.”

She just leaned against him and continued shedding more tears. He let her cry while patting her back, then asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“I don’t know what is going on in my life; I don’t seem to have a grip on anything.”…She cried some more, then spoke further, “There are so many problems and I have no clue how to fix them.”

“I am not happy with my job, or personal relationships. It is all so confusing. My future seems so blurred.”

Samar let her continue the gibberish of words and tears, then patted her back again. He asked her, “Why can’t you solve these problems? What is blocking you?”

“I am just not enough for them and my Superman is not here with me to solve them for me.”

Samar didn’t really know who this Superman was but he guessed must be her father or brother. He reminded her, “You came this far with no help from any Superman; you became this amazing girl both in professional and in personal life all by yourself. You don’t need a Superman silly, for you yourself are Wonder Woman.”

Tanya realised just then she was being hugged by Priya too along with Samar. She has stayed silent all this while, knowing how Tanya needed to let out her emotions. Priya told her, “Just because you don’t have your Superman doesn’t mean you won’t survive this phase.”

While Samar, continued, “Whatever it is we will figure it out together, and you will come out of this mess with flying colours.”

Soon, Priya and Samar started cracking jokes, and that worked for Tanya slowly started smiling and then laughing. She realised all her other friends too had noticed her emotional breakdown but stayed at a distance to give her some space while she dealt with it. She felt her heart getting heavy with respect and pride for them and she was glad to have such friends. She looked around herself and felt a little confident, she could fight and win her battles after all. She may not have her Superman with her, but she did have the entire Justice League by her side.

Just like that Tanya was sure whatever it was she was afraid of, she can fight her way through it!!


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