Love Survival

“Hey, it’s your lucky day…. Boss has called you in his office”

Akshat was sitting at his desk, hearing this statement from his colleague, he replied with a smile, “Thanks for informing me, lucky or not is yet to be seen!”

Akshat wondered what this was all about as he was on his way to this meeting. He entered his Boss’s cabin took a seat and started their usual discussions on the status of project he was handling and other related matters. Akshat thought this was just a regular project meeting on his current assignment, he was at the door when he heard, “Oh and Akshat, that Japan assignment has a new vacancy as Sachin just dropped out of going…some visa and passport issues, I have suggested your name for it, You will be moving to Japan next month, get your affairs in order.”

Akshat’s mind took a back seat and simply refused to come up with logic.

He could not quite comprehend what he just heard. Sachin dropped out….his name was given and Japan. He felt ecstatic that he was chosen by his boss among all his colleagues. He felt appreciated for his work. He thought he needed to call Sanjana and share this amazing news with her. He knew it in his heart that this will make her day. But, remembering her also reminded him of his future plans with Sanjana. He cannot imagine his life without her. They had just moved in recently and she has given up her promotion few months ago so she didn’t had to move to another city. Decision suddenly made he turned to face his boss.

“Sir, I am overjoyed about this, and I am honoured you thought of me for this Japan project, but I need some time to think over this…..would it be alright if I give you my answer in a few days.”

“Sure, I understand…take some time, but remember the clock is ticking…you have two days to decide.”

After expressing his gratitude he made his way back to his desk, wondering how he should go about it. He knew this Japan project was not just for a few months, it was for at least a year and a half. His relationship with Sanjana was of long distance until last year, so he knew they both did not want to go into that phase again. This was the reason why she had turned down her well-deserved promotion because it meant her moving away from him. But, it was Japan, he may never get this opportunity again. He was feeling happiness as if he was flying in the clouds and at the same time his whole world was shattering into pieces at a single thought of his going away from her. The whole day this dilemma was running in the back of his mind while he carried on with his work. Some of his friends at work in whom he had confided this news, congratulated him…if only they knew about the battle going on inside him.

He winded up his work and made his way for home. He reached his flat, took out the key and opened the door. It was very quit inside the house. Not a single sound of activity anywhere. He came late from work, so he knew Sanjana must already be home, probably cooking dinner in the kitchen. He left his bag in the hall, went to the washroom, took a quick shower. He was feeling hungry so he made his way to the kitchen expecting Sanjana there, but she was not there. The kitchen was perfectly clean showing no sign of recent cooking or usage. He got worried, thinking perhaps she was not well. He went to the bed room. She wasn’t here as well. He suddenly realised he couldn’t find any of her belongings anywhere in the room. Usually there was something or the other lying around. He opened her wardrobe and was heartbroken to find it empty. He felt his heart stop, he thought…

“No….No, this cannot possibly be happening…..She couldn’t have just left me without a single word.”

But, all the evidence suggested the contrary. He tried to relax and began thinking with logic. He felt his phone buzzing in his pocket. He took it out and called her…he fell apart all over again. Her phone was off!! He felt sick to his core with worry and sorrow. He couldn’t quite fathom just how a random uneventful day suddenly turned so good and then to its worst. He looked around the room for some note, any message from her which would explain this turn of events. He started calling her friends one by one. Each call turned up empty; nobody seemed to know where she might have gone. He felt tears in his eyes. He did not wanted to live without her, she made her world complete. Realisation struck him that without her everything was just too grey, his life turned colorless. He felt his world exploding into ashes, his heart was shattering into tiny pieces, and he could barely breathe.

He was so engrossed in his thoughts, that he didn’t hear the doorbell ring. He was sitting in his bedroom on the floor, by Sanjana’s open wardrobe crying his heart out. He did not know what to do. But, one thing was certain he was not going to rest until he found her. He began making a mental list of all places she may have gone to. He would go to each place and check if she went there. He got up and started making his way out and couldn’t believe what he saw. He felt his heart beating at normal rate and he was so relieved. The view before him brought so much peace he could keep looking all day. He saw Sanjana at the kitchen counter drinking a glass of water. He went to her, and engulfed her in his arms, he hugged her so tightly as if she would fly away again if he let go.

“I am so glad to see you here today, I never told u this but you are my whole world”

“Hey, glad to see you as well…but what is going on?? You look like you almost had a heart attack”

She felt her cheeks getting wet and it certainly wasn’t sweat from her jog as she already washed up. Eyes heavy with worry as realisation hit her, she asked.

“Are you alright, why have you been crying?? Rough day??”

Only listening to half of her words he hugged her tighter, deciding he will never let her go. He told her, “Please never leave me again…I cannot survive without you, don’t ever leave me again.”

Feeling utterly confused she asked, “Leave you again? When did I leave you the first time? I am right here with you.”

“But, when I came home you weren’t there like every day, all you stuff was gone, I thought…I thought you left me, I called all your friends nobody knew where you were and your phone was also off….I felt so helpless and weak.”

“Oh I had just gone out for a jog…I got late because I stopped by your favourite restaurant to get dinner so we could celebrate you going to Japan.”

“Huh?? But none of your things were in the room, your wardrobe was empty.”

“Oh!! I am sorry I forgot to tell you but my wardrobe needed a lot of repair work so I packed up all my things and put them in the store room for a few days…I packed up a small bag of daily needs and put it in your wardrobe.”

With these facts coming to light he felt so relieved. He remembered he didn’t tell her about Japan, so how did she know. “How do you know about Japan, that’s beside the point I have decided I am not going.”

She asked, “Why are you not going it is a onetime opportunity. I am so happy for you.”

He told her, “You are my whole world, how will I live in Japan with my world back here in India…I decided and I am not going.”

She knew this decision was linked to her decision of turning down the promotion. She knew she would miss him so much but she also knew how wrong this decision could be for him. She told him, “We survived 5 years of long distance; surely we can survive few more. This doesn’t has to be permanent, we will figure something out so that long distance doesn’t stay for long term.” She continued, “I love you and I cannot imagine a day without you now, but don’t reject this opportunity, Go to Japan and we will figure it out from there!”

“No, I can’t live without you… I am not going…it is final.”

“I am always with you, and we will see each other…you can always come back or I can try to move there…Just don’t say no without trying all options.”

Just like that they both sat down and worked up on various options and finally he felt at peace on having her back in his corner!


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