Roller-Coaster of Friend Love!!

“Are you sure about this?” Navya asked Shantanu, to which he replied, “Yes I am sure. Trust me, I really like this girl.” They were sitting by the lake in her Car. This was a daily necessity for both of them. They met every day at the same time at the same place. Navya and Shantanu have known each other from 8th Std. They were the personified versions of the term best friends forever.

Now they were both in college and this was the third girl Navya has heard about, who was apparently the girl for Shantanu since the start of 4th Semester. They were best friends and so they stood by each other during both thick and thin. She was there for him when shantanu scored less in Board exams, missed out on college admissions, got his heart broken by the girl he liked and he was there for her when her dad passed away, her brother went away for a job, when she got her heart broken by a guy and such other time.

Navya had seen many girls coming and going from Shantanu’s life, she never judged him, or told him what to do, she supported him and she would always be there if things went south for him. Shantanu had seen many guys come and go from Navya’s life, he too never judged her or told her what to do, even when he saw the guy didn’t deserve her, he would get angry at them for mistreating her at times but he wouldn’t say anything ever to hurt her feelings, he always stood by her side, supporting her in going for anything and everything she wanted and being there when things went south for her as well.

Gradually their college life was coming to an end, soon they both graduated from college with happy smiles on their faces, knowing they would both soon leave for different cities for their respective jobs. Navya was leaving first just second weekend after their graduation. They met one last time by the lake side. Navya was so used to having Shantanu in her corner, he had become her strength to move ahead and she knew she couldn’t have that anymore. They will not be able to see each other as often as they were used to. She had tears in her eyes, she was growing weak from inside, and her world came crashing down as this realization hit her.

“I don’t know how I will even survive a single day without you in my corner.” Navya told Shantanu. He held her arm, wiped away her tears…and told her, “Who said anything about me not being in your corner anymore? We live in a world of technology dumbo, I am just a call away. We will do skype chat daily and u can keep a picture of this lake in the backdrop if u miss it.” This made her smile, while he continued, “Yes, life will get hard for both of us, you and I will both get busy but we will make sure we travel enough to actually meet as well”. This made her smile again, and like this they hugged each other and parted ways.

They both stayed in touch over the years but the distance between them was growing, although they still remained best friends for each other. Skype chats were not as regular, travel plans got cancelled, but they managed to stay in touch regardless of that. Navya got married a few years later, after her marriage she grew even more distant from Shantanu. She was happy in her marriage. She was the perfect daughter, the perfect daughter-in-law, the perfect wife 24×7. She had her husband in her corner, but even he couldn’t take away Shantanu’s place. Gradually the hole in her heart started growing and she felt sad about not being able to talk to Shantanu like she used to.

Lately there was trouble in her marital paradise as well. Her husband Arjun was coming late from work. She understood he had to pull in late hours, but it was like he was never there. She rarely found him at home, there was no time when she could have a heart to heart talk with him. He was either rushing out for work or coming so late, would doze off instantly. She tried asking him where did he spent all his hours and she only ever got vague answers. It was her birthday today and Arjun was nowhere to be seen when she woke up in the morning. He didn’t even wish her at night. She thought she didn’t matter anymore for him. Suddenly realisation hit her that she didn’t just lose her best friend but now even her husband. She had spent all day at home going down this self-pity spiral. She needed some air, so she went out for a jog.

She was jogging and her mind kept thinking all things she could have done better to have not landed where she was. By the time she made her way back home, it was dark, and she felt tears on her cheeks along with sweat. Her world came crashing down as she accepted she was dumped by the two most important people for her in the world. She felt her head spinning, she couldn’t breathe, she felt her heart shattering into pieces, she started running faster towards home. As she entered her colony, she ran faster, her heart sped up even further, she felt herself crumbling into pieces.

She entered her building, with her head spinning. Entered the elevator hit her floor; she stepped out somehow and reached her home. She took out the key to unlock the door, opened the door but everything was out of her focus now. She saw sudden lights going on all at once, people shouting a “surprise” as she collapsed on the floor. “Get me some water, fast!!” She thought it sounded like her best friend’s voice then discredited that thought and lost all consciousness.

“Is She ok?” She heard Arjun’s voice. “Yes, she was dehydrated from not eating all day and then the working out with no water.” “Thank you so much Doctor.” She heard Arjun again. She opened her eyes, found herself in her bed. “Hey Dumbo, are you feeling alright?” She couldn’t believe her ears, she turned and found herself looking into Shantanu’s eyes. “Yes, just too weird and weak.” She replied him. “What are you doing here?” she asked him. “Well I should be the one asking all questions, you grew distant ever since your marriage, you go from contacting me less to not at all, you didn’t replied to any of my texts or calls.” He continued, “You turned yourself into a stranger from my best friend, why?? Why Navya?” Navya didn’t know how to answer him, she was so happy to see him but had no answers, and she felt in tears again. Shantanu wiped away her tears, and continued, “Your husband Arjun met me few weeks ago, convinced me not to give up on you. He kept meeting me from then till now to make sure I arrive here on time today and to make preparations for this surprise birthday party for you.”

Arjun returned in the room. She asked him, “you did all this? all those late nights? weekend getaways? Why didn’t you just tell me? I thought I lost you too.” Arjun replied her, “If I had told you, I would have missed this happy smile I see on you now. You thought you lost me?? Don’t you know I am not letting you get rid off me that easily silly? Still feeling dumbfounded Navya asked him, “why did you bring Shantanu here? what made you do that? Arjun replied her, “I saw you looking at old conversations, pictures and crying over lost time, I saw you staring at your phone wanting to talk to him but you never did, I knew it was eating you up from inside, so I did what I could to get you your best friend back in your corner.” She felt relieved and hugged him with happy tears she said, “Thank you for not leaving me and doing all this, I thought I lost you.” Then she hugged Shantanu and cried her heart out and said, “I am so sorry for breaking up with you, I am so glad you didn’t give up on me.”

That’s how the love of Navya’s life Arjun brought back the other love of her life Shantanu to her and their friendship grew even stronger from that day. Navya never doubted the two most important people in her life again…


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