Dilemmas of heart

 “I will miss you.”

These were the last words Sachin heard when he was at the door of Meera’s house, to which he replied, “I love you too.” It was almost after two months Sachin had come to visit Meera after she had left for her home town. Lately things have not been fine between them, but they had patched it all up for fresh start before she had left. After that each and every passing day without her was like burning in fire for Sachin.

Now, finally things were starting to look up for them. They had spent the whole day talking about random things, laughing at almost everything. Time spent with Meera was pure bliss. He felt at so much peace, all the stress and troubles were washed away by just one smile she gave him. He knew she loved him with all her heart even if she didn’t say that as often as he liked. He loved her just as much, they had their differences but they always found a common ground as well.

He was on his way back to his hometown remembering how peacefully the day went by, when he heard his phone ringing, it was his father. He picked up and greeted him. His father greeted him as well, but something gave away the urgency in his tone. He asked, “Is everything alright?” his father replied, “Son, we need you to free your schedule for tomorrow.” Sachin asked, “But, what’s so urgent?” His father replied, “We have a family coming tomorrow to meet you, and we want you to meet their daughter.” After that call Sachin thought it’s just a meeting, if only he knew how life changing a meeting could be.

Sachin didn’t feel the need to inform Meera about this. He met the family and that girl like a gentleman he was. He kept trying to find flaws in either the girl or the family which he could later use to decline the marriage proposition. But, he couldn’t find any flaws at all. The girl was just perfect for him, exactly as his family had wanted for him. She was perfect, but she wasn’t his Meera. He considered telling his father about Meera, but he knew they will never accept Meera and her career. He knew how hard she had worked for it; he couldn’t let it all go to ashes just for his selfish reasons. First time in his life he felt so lost, he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t imagine his life without Meera. She was his soul. He also couldn’t leave his parents, they were everything for him. He found himself at a crossroads.

Next day, he braced himself and called Meera. He told her about this marriage proposition. She asked him, “shouldn’t we tell your parents about us? We need to at least try.” He replied, “There is no point, they are against inter caste marriage, and then it will come to your career, would you rather give that up?” She told him, “I would rather have you in my life, career is important but not more than you, maybe we can convince them later for my career too.” Sachin had tears in his eyes, his whole world was falling apart, but he needed to be the one to do this. He told her, “I would rather see you achieve all your dreams; I saw them with you remember? We cannot risk you losing all that. I know my parents, they will never agree; they would disown me but will not accept you.”

Meera couldn’t believe her ears; just two days ago they were in such bliss. Her world was falling apart. She was shattering into pieces on the inside. Teary eyed she asked him, “Are you sure about this? Would you be able to replace me with somebody else?” Sachin’s voice was breaking but he tried to stay strong for them both and told her, “you can never be replaced, it is going to be hard for both of us, but I can’t reject this girl as I have no reason, there was no flaw in her. I need to do this so that you can achieve all your dreams, and in that I will find my happiness again.” Sachin could hear her irregular breathing mixed with sounds of her crying on call. He hated himself for doing this to her. But, he knew this was the only way.

Meera took a few moments to process everything. She knew how selfless he was and she knew how much he loved her. She tried to be strong for him and told him, “You know how I will always miss you, you know where to find me if you ever need me. I don’t hate you, I can never hate you.” Sachin finally admitted, “I don’t know how to be happy anymore.” To which she replied, “You will be happy in living each day to the fullest because you know that will make me very happy, I will always miss you.” Sachin replied, “I will always love you too.”

The call was ended and Sachin’s heart was shattering into pieces. He could no longer focus on what was happening around him. He felt a huge pain in his heart, he couldn’t breathe. Then he saw his father walking towards him. He remembered his responsibilities as a son, he braced himself for what was to be done. He promised himself, Meera will always live inside his heart despite being worlds apart from him.

“Do all the good you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

That’s what Sachin did for Meera and his parents!!

P.S.: All characters and circumstances mentioned in the above post are a work of fiction having no resemblance to any person living or dead 🙂


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