Going Away or Not?

“I like you”.

This is what Tanya heard in the middle of the daily gibberish she was telling Sameer on call. She thought she misheard him. So she said, “Come Again’. To which she got a reply, “Tanya, I like you, hell I think I am falling for you. Tanya was shocked and didn’t know how to respond so she made an excuse and hung up. Tanya has known Sameer for over a year, they were best friends. She could tell him everything and anything from latest nail paint she bought to her latest crush. Her day wouldn’t complete without a call to him.

Sameer understood Tanya like no one else. He knew how to brighten up her dull day in a jiffy.  They both were like two halves which completed a whole. They knew each other in and out. Their friends always teased them how they should just stop playing around be together, they ignored them. So for Tanya to hear this was a shocker.  She didn’t want to disrespect his feelings, although she didn’t really knew where she stood on this matter.

So she introspected and a lot. Her day was never complete without Sameer around. She found him adorable, and now that she was thinking she did like him as well more than just friends. She just never realized this up until now. But, she had doubts, lots of them. Among them all one thing was certain she did liked him and he deserved her honesty.

Tanya called up Sameer and said, “Yesterday you told me something and I freaked out and hung up on you. I thought over it, a lot and I think I like you too.” Sameer sighed a breath of relief. He finally said, “So, you are not angry on me?” to which she said, “I can never be mad on you silly. Although I really don’t know where this will lead us to”. Apparently he too didn’t know so they both just went with the flow of things.

Tanya was on cloud 9 in the weeks that followed. She was very happy for Sameer was turning out to be everything she could ever hope for in a partner. One evening while they were watching movie at his place, they kissed which was not her first but it was magical no less. She was falling for him and she didn’t want to stop it. Life was bliss for her.

Then came that dreaded day, when Sameer told her that he got into IIM Bangalore, they were both very happy, until they suddenly realized that meant his going away and her getting parted from him. Few days letter she too got a call from prestigious B-school in another city. Tanya’s doubts were unfolding now. She wondered if they could still manage to preserve what the love they had for each other while they were both in different cities amidst new life, college pressures and everything else. Her world came crumbling down, her heart sped up.

When she met Sameer that day, she was in tears. She was hurting and he couldn’t even be blamed for it. She was happy for him, very happy. But, her heart was shattering and she couldn’t help it. She finally asked him, “Sameer, U and I are both moving in less than a month, what will remain of us after we both gone our separate ways? Is this it for us?” He replied, “Tanya, I only know that I love you with all my heart and no matter how tough the going gets for both of us, that part won’t change.” She now had happy tears and asked him, “Does that mean this is not the break up?” The Answer she got made her heart swell with love yet again for it was, “Break up?? Hell no, I am not that easy to get rid of, change of city won’t do it either.”

Tanya kept faith in her love and in Sameer and decided she will go ahead with this no matter what storms they may have to face. Their love deserved this, they both did as well. It’s been almost two years now, they are still going strong. True, they do fight, they argue sometimes but they always make up. Distance didn’t weaken their love; in fact it made it even stronger. They kept each other in their hearts amidst all the curricular pressures of college and life became easier.

Tanya still didn’t know what future holds for them, and how it will unfold. However, one thing was certain, they loved each other and they will find a way to walk through the storm as well. She believed it’s rare to find love and when you do find it, preserve it, cherish it, nourish it, fight for it and enjoy it.

P.S. All characters and situations in above post are a work of fiction, having no resemblance to any person living or dead 🙂


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