She woke up bright sun light like every other day, had her morning doze of caffeine to jump start her day, got ready for work, and left for another mundane routine day which she assumed was pretty predictable. Little did she know how wrong her predictions could get!

As she was entering the gates of her office building, she had an inside thought, “Here goes another boring tough day”. Bracing herself with a smile she entered her supposed temple of work. She told herself, ” just ten hours of hell”. While she was settling herself at her desk, Rakesh approached her wearing his usual good natured smirk. He said, “Sameera the boss has called you, something seems to be cooking!” She replied, “Good Morning to you too, I will see her right away.”

As she entered her boss’s cabin, her boss had her back to her, they had their usual morning information exchange, then her boss turned and Sameera found it hard to continue breathing. She thought she was not looking at her boss, instead it seemed to be a mirror, for her boss was a mirror image of herself. In the literal way, Sameera’s boss Tina’s face was the same as that of Sameera’s herself. Not just the face, entire physique was a mirror image. She thought this can’t be real, I must be dreaming, she pinched herself but alas this was real. Except this woman was everything Sameera always strived to be and still couldn’t be. She was Sameera minus all her professional flaws. She was where Sameera was striving to reach.

She exited her Boss’s cabin and went to her desk. She blamed her mind for playing stupid pranks on her. She got engrossed in her work. After few hours she walked to the cafeteria for snack. She approached the lady at the counter, and got the next shocker of the day. This lady looked exactly like Sameera too. The same face, the same body, everything was the same. Except this woman was focused on cooking and providing for people with compassion that Sameera thought she could never match. She was perfect at cooking, worked with a finesse Sameera could only ever hope for. Sameera knew she was not good at taking care of people or providing for them.  Her history of breakups with her boyfriends had certified as much for her.  She knew she didn’t deserve love for she wasn’t good enough. She got her snack finished it with sad thoughts of where she lacked and left for her desk.

She attended to her duties throughout the day, and left for her meeting. There she prepared herself to be patient with her competing colleagues. Her colleagues entered the conference room. Sameera couldn’t breathe for the third time today. Each one of those colleagues had her face and body. It’s like they were her clones, except they were better in every way Sameera thought she never could be. They had perfect social skills, convincing powers, perfect at getting their way. She questioned her mind again on whether it was some prank again or was she losing her sanity. She had no answers. Everyone around her was behaving normally as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. Counting all her flaws and shortcomings compared to her clones, she left the conference room.

She looked at the clock on her desk, and thought just one more hour and then she will be away from this madness. She finished all her work, and left for home. She entered the elevator, and the woman operating the lift was again having Sameera’s face. Except Sameera thought this woman is so nice, warm and gentle, something sameera could only ever wish to be. She took a cab and reached home. She needed to distress herself so she left for the nearby sports club.

She wanted to play a game of basketball. She entered the court and found a group of people she could join. Here she got another shock, each and every one of these people were a splitting image of herself. Each one of them seemed to be playing better than her. She thought I am good at this, so she ran harder, dribbled harder and made a few hoops. But, this much wasn’t enough for her, for this was her zone; She had to be better than all those clones.

she pushed herself harder and crossed her limits, the whole day started rewinding itself before her eyes. The people, the game the court were long gone, all she saw was each and every point in her life where she lacked, where she assumed herself to be less than others, her heart ached, she was in tears and she actually couldn’t breathe, it hurt her somewhere too much. She couldn’t comprehend where did it hurt, and then she collapsed. She woke up, and saw people approaching her fallen body. But, wait she was not in her body…she questioned herself, “am I dead, is this it for me?” She heard a paramedic saying something about a heart attack. She heard herself saying, “But I am too young for that, I am only 26, check me again I can’t be dead.” This couldn’t be heard by others though, as she realized they can no longer hear her.

Next thing she heard was beep beep beep….she thought that sounds familiar, wondering about the source of the sound. It came again louder this time…beep beep beep…and she felt herself drawn away…and just like that she woke up in her bed to her beeping alarm. Feeling shocked, but also relieved to be alive. She was glad that it was just a dream.

She got out of bed feeling happy for no reason; she got her usual coffee, got ready and left for work with a smile on her face. This smile however was genuine and she felt positive, no matter how many superior clones life throws at her Sameera knew in her heart she was better than them in her own ways. Most importantly she thought she was given a second chance at life which she was not going to waste away in self-doubts!!

” Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick, don’t loose faith just hit back harder”


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