Rebirth of a Phoenix

She was a very patient, genuine, good hearted person. Her life was pretty sorted even if she didn’t have everything she desired for. She too had her share of confusions and insecurities but she never let those to rule her life. She was always in gratitude for what she had. Be it family, friends, career, love or life in general. Small things is what she found her happiness in.

She was usually a calm current of the ocean, which was composed and unaffected by the turbulence happening around her. She was gentle to everyone who was a part of her life. She was patient with the events happening to her. She kept moving ahead with a smile on her face, finding her way as she walked forward.

She felt lost sometimes, felt insecure and unsafe. She wanted to protect her heart from being broken but she also couldn’t give into fears. So, she put up a smile and kept going in the dynamics life threw her way. But, alas even she has her limits. Once a calm current of ocean which can also be a tsunami and destroy everything in its path, she too can break away from her calm shell.

Just like that she found it hard to reign in the fire inside her anymore. The same fire which was just a tiny spark initially was now burning too hot and bright. She lost her patience not because she lost control but because it was high time for her to break-away from the shell keeping the fire inside which gradually become too hard to hold. The fire became too much to be reined in now. It was time for her to let it out. She gave into her emotions and feelings.

She let out her fire, burned herself in the process. But this was a necessary evil that has to pass for her to grow. The fire she let out light up a lot of things which appeared hazy before. Now, they were in clear focus for her to see. The fire did burn her to ashes while showing everything in clearer perspective.

She has not given up, not yet. She refused to give herself up just like that. Yes she let herself be burnt but she rises from the ashes of her own hot burning fire. She is a phoenix, which is reborn and now glows brighter than ever before. It has been reborn to live life with a much clearer perspective on things.

This new phoenix is more matured, has brighter fire glowing inside her, it starts moving ahead with a new hope and much stronger vigor to stay happy. However it now knows when to be calm and composed and when to let the fire out for sometimes fire needs to come out for personal growth. Sometimes phoenix has to burn itself in its own fire only to be reborn. This rebirth is necessary for her to see clearly. She doesn’t always need to reign in her fire; she can use this fire to light her own way and others around her.

Just like a phoenix she now flies ahead with a new hope knowing there will come a stage when she should let out the fire and let it burn away. There are times when she needs to toughen up and be burnt and let others know she is calm and gentle but her limits should not be tested for the fire will be out if her shell is broken and she will be born anew!! But the fire whenever let out will also burn others in its path!! So the phoenix is now reborn with new hope, back to its calm and composed self with new wisdom for new life!!

P.S.: All characters in this post are a work of fiction. They have no resemblance to any living person or thing šŸ˜‰



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