Dilemmas of heart

 “I will miss you.”

These were the last words Sachin heard when he was at the door of Meera’s house, to which he replied, “I love you too.” It was almost after two months Sachin had come to visit Meera after she had left for her home town. Lately things have not been fine between them, but they had patched it all up for fresh start before she had left. After that each and every passing day without her was like burning in fire for Sachin.

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Going Away or Not?

“I like you”.

This is what Tanya heard in the middle of the daily gibberish she was telling Sameer on call. She thought she misheard him. So she said, “Come Again’. To which she got a reply, “Tanya, I like you, hell I think I am falling for you. Tanya was shocked and didn’t know how to respond so she made an excuse and hung up. Tanya has known Sameer for over a year, they were best friends. She could tell him everything and anything from latest nail paint she bought to her latest crush. Her day wouldn’t complete without a call to him. Continue reading

Mind v/s Heart

Life in general was always good for her. She was one of those persons who viewed the glass as half full and not empty. She accepted whatever life threw her way with a pinch of salt. Her mantra was that she could make the best of all resources in a given situation and make it into something worthwhile.

This was Naina, who usually got compliments ranging from beautiful to charming, sensible to intelligent. People around her perceived her as a bright ray of sunshine. She could easily make her friends solve their problems, she could bring a smile to a sad face. The word impossible was not a part of her dictionary. To others she was a 24×7 happy bird. Continue reading



She woke up bright sun light like every other day, had her morning doze of caffeine to jump start her day, got ready for work, and left for another mundane routine day which she assumed was pretty predictable. Little did she know how wrong her predictions could get! Continue reading

The Walk

Rita’s daily life had pretty much the same routine. Wake up at 5 am every morning. An hour of jogging in the open fresh morning air, followed by cooking her breakfast and lunch, get ready for work and then leave for work. She would every morning at 9 am for the bus to her office. Work though the day; catch a bus back home and walk back home. Reach home by 9 pm, have dinner and sleep by 10:30 pm. Continue reading

Rebirth of a Phoenix

She was a very patient, genuine, good hearted person. Her life was pretty sorted even if she didn’t have everything she desired for. She too had her share of confusions and insecurities but she never let those to rule her life. She was always in gratitude for what she had. Be it family, friends, career, love or life in general. Small things is what she found her happiness in.

She was usually a calm current of the ocean, which was composed and unaffected by the turbulence happening around her. She was gentle to everyone who was a part of her life. She was patient with the events happening to her. She kept moving ahead with a smile on her face, finding her way as she walked forward. Continue reading