Journey to the Shore!!!

A lost girl swimming with all her might in the middle of the vast, wide and dark ocean, with so many ambiguous directions. Directions which will take her to different destinations. Some destinations may be her heart’s desires, some may not be. Some may be just what might be right for her from all logical perspectives.

She tries with all her might to swim against the strong tides of the ocean which keep thrashing her away in different directions, confusing her way out to her destination. She tries to find her way back to where she thinks she needs to be.

However even with the strong waves and the vast endless ocean, is where she thinks her destination is supposed to be really her true destination. Alas! She cannot be certain if it is really where she should ultimately end up. She fights her inner demons of confusions and uncertainties with the same vigor that she used to fight the physical challenges posed by the vast dark ocean.

She keeps swimming in the direction her heart tells her with all it’s might she needs to follow. She keeps her faith in her heart guided by her instincts, for they are the only friends she can rely on in the isolated tranquil ocean. If not for them, she will lose all hope of reaching anywhere at all and might just be lost to the ocean waters and her inner demons, drowning at the bottom of the dark deep ocean.

She swims her way across the waters fighting against all demons and challenges, with only her faith in her instincts, for she must keep up the fight to get to her destination. As the other choice of not getting anywhere is simply not acceptable to her. She is losing precious time and strength in doing so, however she thinks so not. For her this is investment which will pay off in future, and risks needs to be taken in fight for survival.

Demons kept putting obstacles before her through placing doubts in front of her. Doubts whether the direction will ever lead her to a shore, let alone the shore she desires to reach. She continues to fight them off with her strong will, she keeps up her efforts to swim with all her might.

Soon she observes something in her sight, something which is afar, but still very much in sight. She sees the land. At last, she sees the shore, she was eagerly hoping for. Her instincts were right in guiding her this way. She quickens her pace knowing it’s only much longer she needs to swim now. She reached a destination.

Her demons whisper again, if this is the true destination she was meant to be at. She shuts them off with a single thought. True or not she reached a destination, her choices and actions will make this destination the true one. If not, she can always trust her heart and find a way to that true destination as well. For the moment she is glad of the successful journey she just had for it has taught her valuable lessons on survival!

Uncertainties!! That is pretty much a synonym for what we mundane people call ‘life’. So many directions, pointing towards different outcomes and end goals. However the journey to those goals is more important which we fail to realize. Doubts will always stay with us as demons. We just need to laugh them off with strong will to move ahead so as to survive the deep, vast and dark ocean of uncertainties!!

P.S. All characters and circumstances in this post are fictitious in nature, it has no relation to any living person or thing 😉


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