Perfection in simplicity

We try to alter almost everything in our lives to perfection, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. We like staying in control of almost every situation, every aspect of our lives. Every small little thing has to be perfect, if not we will have additional stress about it. Be it our jobs, personal relationships, or other important things.

Sometimes, however lots of things are already perfect in their own way, we just need to alter our own viewing angle. More often than not situations are already perfect without our alterations or manipulations. In fact, our attempt at this so called perfection could also make something already perfect imperfect.

There are so many things which are just not meant to be, yet we keep struggling to get them, change them to suit our short term aspirations. We fail to think of long term implications of lots of situations. Perhaps at times it’s better to just accept whatever is happening around us instead of trying to alter it whether it is a failed relationship or a lost job interview or a failed exam. All these failures won’t matter looking back in time, as something better would have come along.

Sometimes, life is just like a glorious looking humming bird, it’s so beautiful naturally; we would be hard put to recreate that same beauty artificially. Sure we can try to copy its beauty by designing those colour combinations in paintings, photographs, clothes, etc.  They will always remain to be just inspired creations no match for the source of inspiration.

There is no point in adding to our stress levels by trying to manipulate already beautiful things. Sometimes it’s best to just sit back and appreciate the beauty that life has offered us, cherish the love of our friends and family, have gratitude for the job we do have, be glad of the good health we do have and enjoy the already perfect moments we have and don’t need to manipulate!!

As it is so rightly said by, “Leonardo Da Vinci” that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, why waste less time in creating already perfect perfection!!

P.S. This is inspired from a picture of beautiful hummingbird I came across, made me realize how beautifully simple it is to appreciate the beauty in watching a humming bird soaring through the sky not caring about anything else but its flight!!



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