Confusion V/S Rationality

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.

It gets so confusing at times. It becomes difficult to ascertain the reasons for excessive negative nagging thoughts. No matter what we try to do it keeps on bothering us, running like a backdrop movie in the back of our minds. No matter how much we try these issues keep on nagging us, to no end to it until we either cry out our hearts or release the stress in some other aggressive way.

But, is aggression or emotional outburst really the only escape to these nagging thoughts. There are so many of these issues, at times they become so accumulated and we tend to explode like a volcano. I know I do!! suddenly the whole situation seems dire and we call for extreme measures. These could range from quitting from a job, starting own business, breaking up a long-term relationship or just ending something old or starting something new with a new resolve of sticking to it. But what if situation wasn’t all that bad, but just the mind which heightened it.

Question is do we really need to make such extreme hasty decisions just get rid of nagging thoughts, agreed that sometimes we perform the best under pressure and realise the best way to go. However that can’t be the way out each time, each time we can’t just end something old or begin something new.  Smiling at such situations and trying to be strong about them also doesn’t work as we end up faking the smile itself.

Perhaps the best thing we can do at such times is calm ourselves down, in whichever way that works for us, be it cooking, or music or simple talking to a friend and then thinking rationally over the problem at hand. We might still come to an extreme decision at the end but this time it would be well thought out after considering all the pros and cons while also trusting our instinct.

After all life is too short to be wasted in useless stress and insecurities, what is meant to happen will happen all we can do is manipulate the outcome by rationally deciding and enjoying life itself in the meantime. We don’t always need the extremes to be content in life but rather try for getting the best from everything at hand. Sometimes all we need is to look at things from a new angle and optimize from there.

For tomorrow we’ll probably laugh at this and worry about something else. What’s the point I worrying at all then. So how about just stop worrying about what we have to lose and focus on what’s to be gained!! Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within ourselves and in our way of thinking!!!

serenity of rationality


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