Confusion V/S Rationality

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.

It gets so confusing at times. It becomes difficult to ascertain the reasons for excessive negative nagging thoughts. No matter what we try to do it keeps on bothering us, running like a backdrop movie in the back of our minds. No matter how much we try these issues keep on nagging us, to no end to it until we either cry out our hearts or release the stress in some other aggressive way. Continue reading




It’s ironic how we don’t pay attention to small minor things in life and keep stressing about other things that seem a lot more important to us. Small random things which happen on a daily basis are ignored as either mundane or trivial aspects of our daily lives.

Looking around myself I see so many people all the time stressed out about something or the other. They are smiling and laughing only on the outside, they are happy just for a moment after which they go back to stressing more about stressful parts of their lives. We all live under the false pretence of how happy we are, how cool and awesome our life is, we have so many friends, that we are active on social networking sites, while there is something deep rooted in each one of us which stops us from sleeping peacefully at night unless we are exhausted from heavy work load of the day. Continue reading