The Finish Line

It is strange how something as simple as a movie meant for entertainment can give us a new perspective over life as we see it. I spent most part of my day working, studying, eating, sleeping, socializing, etc.  Yet at the end of the day I was feeling almost close to miserable. I wondered the reason but there was none I could identify. My life is good, I have everything most people are struggling to have for their survival and yet I am not satisfied. It is this inner urge that’s pushing me forward to a blurred direction.

However my personal struggles with my own inner-self seem irrelevant when I change the perspective and look at the whole world around me. There are people struggling to gather the basic means of survival which I am already blessed with. So shouldn’t I be thankful for that. But no, I am swimming in thoughts of a non happening life, things I want, overall a content life. But then again I will never be content.

So I realized that all I am doing is wasting my precious time thinking about things I can’t help with at the moment, instead of using the same time in making what I have into something awesome. The finish line of the race is right there in my sight but what was weakening the will to get there was the blurred trophy after the finish line. I couldn’t see what all lies ahead once I cross that line.

However, that shouldn’t stop me from trying with everything I have to get to the finish line, as what lies thereafter is a mystery I’ll resolve when I get there. The mystery of what’s lying ahead is not going to stop me from getting to the finish line first. One feat at a time.

After all if the world falls apart tomorrow, at least I have my today to make awesome and achieve the feat of getting to the finish line. Life is too short to worry about the blurred mystery behind the finish line so why not grab this time enjoy the journey to the finish line instead. Even after that if everything falls apart owing to dynamic nature of our world, we have no choice but to rebuild.


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