20150927_231059_Richtone(HDR)It’s ironic how much things seem different after a long time. What we once thought were so important to us becomes irrelevant. The people we once thought were our whole world suddenly are longer a part of it. Days pass by, time goes by, and events happen, some new people come, old ones leave and some stay constantly a part of our lives. But one thing that stays constant in all this dynamics is that life did not and will not ever stop moving, it goes on.

However what did change in this whole time space is us, our perspective of looking at things. That perspective is what shapes our personalities. We realize that once thing we used to worry about is actually just a blip in timeline, not relevant anymore. It’s like we are looking at things wearing a pair of new spectacles giving us absolute clarity on everything from our personal lives to professional lives.

These pair of spectacles puts everything in a new light. Person we thought was our whole world is actually just one tiny dot in it. We thought we need them for our sustenance, actually believed life impossible without them. All it takes is a single unbelievable act of hurting us in some way, for us to break that shell put on a new pair of glasses and look at things differently.

The pair of specks which were taken for granted up until now and put away ignorantly suddenly become very useful and we start wearing them more often. This makes us stronger from inside, we become independent, look from a whole new angle and love it even more. Specks are so important now for they provide the much needed clarity and direction. Enabling us to enjoy life in a whole new way, so that next time we are ready for anything and anyone who enters our life with a clear sight and definition.

Just like that my pair of glasses became so important I can never think of ignoring them again. Without them I might loose this new clarity I found, without which I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and I love myself too much to even risk changing that. Similarly we all sometimes need a simple pair of new glasses to look at life from a different angle and to get clarity and direction. My glasses keep clearing my way ahead, may be we should all try one on from time to time. After all life is too short to be wasted in confusion and blurred vision.


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