End Game

So it’s been almost five years, life has changed all around me. Five years ago I was running after college scores, then professional course scores, then internships, then a good company and now a better job. By good job I don’t just mean a well paying job but rather a job where I love what I do. Not that I don’t like what I currently do. I am pretty good at it. But something feels amiss. Even then I will be running after something else after this one.
This isn’t just the case with me. It’s with everyone around me. Each and every one of us is running after their respective growth, prosperity, more money, status, etc. on an ongoing basis. It’s a vicious cycle once we get what we want now we run after something else of higher value. This being a very important aspect as it pushes us towards our own growth and improvement.
However, ultimately we’d all have achieved almost everything at the maximum level possible, but then what next after that?? Stopping for a moment, if I froze the world around me, all I see ispeople trying to reach higher heights by pushing others down the ladder out of their way all thanks to cutthroat competition. I barely see any peace at all. Very few people have the time to actually enjoy the success they have earned. We spend so much time stressing about the tomorrow which is yet to come that we forget to cherish the today we are blessed with. 
So, my mind is forcing me to question the fact that what was the reason I was born on this earth? Was it to just keep greedily running after things? Was it only to earn loads of money and become rich? Was it only to gather means of survival for myself and my family? Was it only to keep improving my status, my income, my living standards? Was I really born just to be a source of earning means of survival and keep on going after greater monetary heights in life? Is that really it??
Where did the peace fly off to, that used to find by just playing in dirt with friends in childhood? I rarely feel any peace at all as my mind is occupied by one thing or the other that I want for my tomorrow. Problem is, tomorrow too I will want something else for day after tomorrow. Alas, I have failed to cherish my today, as I have no time to think about today. Was this really the end game I was born for?? Or did I have a higher purpose to fulfill?? If not, then this way my whole life will pass on without having done anything of special value which is different than what others are doing (basically running after things).
I have achieved a lot of the things I was running after, yet why don’t I feel the peace and happiness at the end of the day with these accomplishments. True, I want more, but even then is more really worth the cost of today and peace?? What’s my end game supposed to be?? I don’t have my answers yet but I have realized answers lie in accepting and cherishing my today while continuing my efforts for tomorrow!! But, then again what is the end game for each one of us!!!

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