20150927_231059_Richtone(HDR)It’s ironic how much things seem different after a long time. What we once thought were so important to us becomes irrelevant. The people we once thought were our whole world suddenly are longer a part of it. Days pass by, time goes by, and events happen, some new people come, old ones leave and some stay constantly a part of our lives. But one thing that stays constant in all this dynamics is that life did not and will not ever stop moving, it goes on.

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The Finish Line

It is strange how something as simple as a movie meant for entertainment can give us a new perspective over life as we see it. I spent most part of my day working, studying, eating, sleeping, socializing, etc.  Yet at the end of the day I was feeling almost close to miserable. I wondered the reason but there was none I could identify. My life is good, I have everything most people are struggling to have for their survival and yet I am not satisfied. It is this inner urge that’s pushing me forward to a blurred direction.

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End Game

So it’s been almost five years, life has changed all around me. Five years ago I was running after college scores, then professional course scores, then internships, then a good company and now a better job. By good job I don’t just mean a well paying job but rather a job where I love what I do. Not that I don’t like what I currently do. I am pretty good at it. But something feels amiss. Even then I will be running after something else after this one.
This isn’t just the case with me. It’s with everyone around me. Each and every one of us is running after their respective growth, prosperity, more money, status, etc. on an ongoing basis. It’s a vicious cycle once we get what we want now we run after something else of higher value. This being a very important aspect as it pushes us towards our own growth and improvement.